Biltmore Estate, Asheville, N. C to Marion, N. C.
CNC 2010

September 26, 2010

Mileage - 42.75
Ride Time - 3 hrs 44 minutes
Average Speed - 11.5
Accumulative Miles - 42.75
Accumulative Ride Time -  3 Hours  44 minutes
Maximum Heart Beat - 122


       I usually go the the starting location on Saturday night before the start. But, this year I had to come
back to Morganton to my aunt's "Florence Taylor" one-hundredth birthdate celebration. So we took the
bike to Biltmore early Sunday morning and started the ride at the starting place, where you go into the
entrance to the Biltmore House Estate. But, based on the rainy weather I was glad not to tent camp
Saturday night.
        When I left the entrance to Biltmore there was a light rain, and very cloudy. By the time I got to
Black Mountain there was a heavy rain. Beyond Black Mountain we started down the newly created
"Point Lookout Trail" which is a 4 mile downhill bike ride. They took the roadbed of Old Hwy 70 and
put down new pavement across about 2/3 of the road. This old highway was the way we traveled from
Old Fort to Black Mountain before Interstate 40 was built. The ride down the Point Lookout Trail was great,
but dangerous. It was all downhill and during this; while I was descending it become dark, and we had heavy rains
with the wet leaves that was on the surface of the road. After I was at the bottom we seen an ambulance
go up the hill and someone said, "that a bicyclist was injured in a crash.
           I was glad to get to Marion since is was rain, rain, rain about all day.


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