CNC 2008

Day One

Black Mountain to Morganton

September 28, 2008



Mileage - 60
Ride Time - 4 hours 28 minutes
Average Speed - 13.4 mph
Maximum Speed - 37.9
Accumulative Miles - 60
Accumulative Ride time - 4 hours 28 minutes
Maximum Heart Beat - 123
Resting Heart Beat - 43-45

Started 8:35 A.M. and finished 2:15 P.M.

 Breaking camp eartly1st Day of the ride

"Highway 9"

         The story of the day would be Highway 9. After a few miles of comfortable biking, we turned right on Hwy 9.
It was a five mile climb to the Eastern Continental Divide at 3028 feet. After this we had a five mile down
hillers which made up for the climb. Maybe it was good that we had the major climb early in the day. I guess it's
the challenge and the excitement of the hills that keeps us bicycling on. We pedal hard up those hills, maybe for
30 minutes for the opportunity to down hill for five minutes.
         It was by no means an easy ride for me. We had several other hills to climb. We rode around by Marion and then
by Lake James, a very scenic route. After 4 1/2 hours on the bike with the mountain terrain of the steep and
rolling hills I was exhausted. I set-up my tent, took a shower, ate and relaxed. Tried to sleep but it was too hot.
I believe it was in the 80s.


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