CNC 2008

Day Two

Morganton to Lincolnton

September 29, 2008



Mileage - 51    
Ride Time - 4 hours and 4 minutes
Average Speed - 12.6 mph
Maximum Speed - 33,3 mph
Accumulative Miles - 111
Accumulative Ride time - 8 hours and 32 minutes
Maximum Heart Beat - 121
Resting heart beat - 43-45

Started 8:00 A.M. and finished 1:15 P.M.

Sun rising over recreation center in Morganton


"Rolling Hills"

      Slept a litter better last night, but woke-up several times which may have been due to the location of
my tent. Started off this morning while it was still foggy. Many riders started at daybreak, but many were
like me waiting around trying to get everything together and ready to hop in the saddle.
       Had our first rest-stop about 18 mile marker and at a store on Old Hwy 18. Two 18s here together.
I rolled into Lincolnton sometime after lunch and went through the usual procedure of drying out my tent
and setting up for the night. I found a shady place for my tent. Again the hills had taken a tow on my body,
especially my legs and back.



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