Albemarle to Laurinburg
CNC 2010

September 30, 2010

Mileage - 85.14
Ride Time - 6 hours 27 minutes
Average Speed - 13.2
Accumulative Miles - 307.55
Accumulative Ride Time -  24 Hours  47 minutes
Maximum Heart Beat - 110


             I didn't sleep very well last night. It rained all night. It was a hard rain and wind. I was awaken many times during the night, it would rain hard and then a strong wind, over and over again. I usually do not stake down my tent, but this night I did due to the heavy rain and strong wind. I was a little concerned about the large trees that were around the campsite. This morning I packed up my baggage and was on the road right after day light.

            The route is starting to flatten-out now, although some minor rolling hills. This was the day for the 100 mile century, but I wasn't going to tackle that today. As I have mentioned before we stay on the back roads and away from large towns if possible. Today we traveled through Norwood, crossed the Pee Dee River and Dam, Mt. Gilead. Then had a rest-stop at Town Creek Indian Mound.

          When I arrived at Laurinburg, St. Andrews Presbyterian College,  there were plenty of tent campsites, but you had to be very carefully where you set-up because the place was filled with fire ants. And they will bit when stepped on.

          It was a long ride, I recorded 85 miles today, giving a total of 308 miles biked so far. When getting to Laurinburg I did the same routine as all other days; got my bags, set-up the tent and took off for the rubber ducky for a nice shower. And, on yes, something to eat.

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