Whitesville to Ocean Isle Beach
CNC 2010

October 02, 2010

Mileage - 54.71
Ride Time - 3 hours 50 minutes
Average Speed - 14.2
Accumulative Miles - 437.99
Accumulative Ride Time -  34 Hours  2 minutes
Maximum Heart Beat - 110


        Woke-up this morning feeling good, knowing that the finish line was only 55 miles away with mostly lever terrain. You could tell that there was a little most excitement in the air by all the riders. Going home to sleep in our own bed. I biked the first 10 or so miles by myself and after that I hooked up with a couple of guys about my age and rode to the finish line with them. It helped me get paced out and finish with a group. Sometimes riding with others motivates you to ride faster and longer. I think I finished the last 25 miles without stopping. Probably would not have done that by myself. I just need concerned about the chance of an accident if riding too close. You have to extra careful with biking with others.

          We stayed mainly on back rural roads and I don't remember going through any small time except for Calabash, the seafood capitol of the world. It was good ride with a beautiful day. I arrived at Ocean Isles beach a little after noon. In time for that shower and a good fish dinner for the riders. It was a perfect day for the finish. In seven days and 438 miles. Praise the Lord, I finished.

          Martha was waiting on me at the finish line. We stayed a couple of nights on Ocean Isle at The Winds. A very nice place on the beach. I would recommend it to you anytime you are in the area. It reminds me of south Florida or Key West with all the plants and flowers.

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