Laurinburg to Whitesville
CNC 2010

October 01, 2010

Mileage - 75.74
Ride Time - 5 hours 25 minutes
Average Speed - 14.0
Accumulative Miles - 383.29
Accumulative Ride Time -  30 Hours  12 minutes
Maximum Heart Beat - 108


        Last night was the best sleep I had in all the trip. I was tired and needed the sleep. When  traveling and in different beds, it takes me a few days to get adjusted. Left the St. Andrews Presbyterian College grounds about 7:20 A.M. and arrived at Whitesville some where around 2:30 P.M. I really forgot to check my clock. We went through the small town of Pembroke, Bladenboro and into Whitesville. We camped at Whiteville High School.

       It was sunny and windy most of the day, and of course it was a headwind as they usually are when heading east. The ride was long, about 75 miles, and mostly flat except for a few overpasses. We rode into Whitesville, as we had several years ago, and they do an excellent job at making us feel at home and catering to our needs. They had road signs as the one above starting, I believe around 15 or so miles out.

       The picture of the old bike above was across the road from the school. I was intrigued with the old bike and walked across the road to get a better view and a picture. I was actually on my way to get dinner. The residence of the house was on the porch and came out to meet me. She took a picture of me and the bike and interviewed me for her radio program. Not sure of the station or if she used it or not, but I noticed AM on her name tag. She was a nice lady and was excited about the biking group.

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