Hickory to Mooresville
CNC 2010

September 28, 2010

Mileage - 49.31
Ride Time - 3 hours 40 minutes
Average Speed - 13.5
Accumulative Miles - 156.75
Accumulative Ride Time -  13 Hours  6 minutes
Maximum Heart Beat - 110

       Again, as planned, Martha took me to Hickory from Morganton early this morning to the Highland Recreation Center in Hickory. I loaded my two bags on the truck for delivery in Mooresville where they should be waiting for me when I arrive. I would be camping the rest of the trip into Ocean Isle. I tried to camp as close as possible to the trucks so I wouldn't have to carry my bags very far; I'm learning. Believe it or not we had a day of sunshine and the temperatures in the 70s. A great day for riding. Took a few pictures today since the sun was out and dry for a change.

        We were now and continue to be in the long rolling hills of the Piedmont of North Carolina. We did have our first rest-stop at Murray's Mill coming out of Hickory and Catawba county. We also stopped at Lake Norman State Park for the second rest-stop. And then on into Mooresville and to Lowe's YMCA.

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