CNC 2008

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       Looking back on the trip I really don't know how I made the ride as tired as I was at the end of the last day. Day after day for seven days took it tow on me. I don't know if I wasn't prepared enough or what. It may have been my age catching up with me. But other than this, it was a wonderful trip.

       Started riding in Black Mountain, N. C. and then into my home town of Morganton, then Lincolnton, Concord, Wingate, Laurel Hill, White Lake and into the finish Oak Island. The highlight of Black Mountain is that it was a good starting place in the mountains. Morganton highlight would be the variety of food vendors and a wise move to bring in the bluegrass bands; Coming Home and then the award winning band of Cherry Holmes. And into Lincolnton was the nice recreation department and the shady trees that allowed me to camp in a cool shady area.

       Then in Concord it was the Lowe's Motor Speedway, the access to the track for bicycling on it. It was an experience knowing that the NASCAR drivers would be at much higher speeds than my 20 MPH. We rode to Wingate University which used to be a College - not sure what the different is. The college girls helped carry our bags to the tent sites. And I can't forget the whistling trains during the night.

       As we traveled to the next stop, Laurel Hill. Can't forget their hospitality even though the recreation area was a little out dated. I think this was the first time I saw the police patrolling the camp grounds. From Laurel Hill we rode to White Lake where they really put on a promotion for us. They had a good variety of food, a classic car show, a blue grass band, which I think was The Carolina Boys from Raleigh. They played for 3 hours or so. This was just a beautiful setting right on the banks of White Lake, a very clear and clean lake with a white sandy bottom. Of course the ride was over when we reached Oak Island where we had good food and a safe ending by the Atlantic Ocean.


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