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CNC 2010
Overview of the trip from my perspective.

        My hat is off again to the Cycle North Carolina group for their well planned and executed biking trip. Of course they had no control over the weather. Which it rained three of the seven day experience. This was my fourth time cycling across North Carolina. I did the ride in 2005, 2007, 2008 and now 2010.

            I camped a couple of times beside one gentleman that was 78 years ago and had completed all twelve (I believe he said) rides. I understand there were riders in their eighties. The ride started out very nasty with all the rain for three of the seven days. But, in the end the weather cleared up and it was beautiful.

            As I noted above this was my fourth ride, and by far the hardest for me. For one thing I don't think I was in as good a shape as before. I was not able to ride as much in training due the hot, hot summer we had. Also, as always, each year I'm a year older on each ride and believe me that does make a difference when you pass that 65 mark. I'm now 68. I'm not complaining, I'm blessed to be able to do the riding. I just can't keep up the pace of those young guns, both male and female. There are many others my age that are not able to ride, period.

             Until next time,

             Dewey E. Fox




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