"They Won't Hang a Woman"

by Maxine McCall


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see Maxine McCall's book "They Won't Hang a Woman" Heritage Edition.

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From the inside cover of the book which is copyright 2008.

    "One of the most remote figures in Burke County
    history is Frankie Silver, who was hanged in
    Morganton, July 12, 1833.

    For well over a century she has remained just a
    name -- a tragic name, but little else.

    It remained for Maxine McCall to give Frankie
    her day in court in a dramatic presentation that
    has brought to life the central figure in a stirring
    human drama.

    Mrs. McCall deserves the thanks of Burke
    County for helping students of local hi story to
    regard Frankie Silver as a human being, even an
    understandable human. Any other interpretation
    would have pictured Frankie as a mad, almost
    maniacal killer who had been a jealous, shrewish
    wife, if she had actually been guilty of the pre-
    meditation that is an essential element of first
    degree murder.

    The title, They Won't Hang a Woman, is derived
    from the opinion prevailing when the young woman
    was brought to trial. Mrs. McCall presents the case of
    poor Frankie in such a moving way that her hearers
    (or readers) are inclined to think that Frankie
    is entitled to a new trial even now."

         From a News-Herald press review
            covering the debut of
            They Won't Hang a Woman
            -  a dramatized reading by the author
            for the Burke County Historical Society
            in Morganton, North Carolina, 1971

Separate Fact from Fiction about the Frankie Sliver case:

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