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Thank you for visiting my website. Hope you find this website both informative and interesting.Read a little about what this website is about below.

A little about me. I'm mainly in the tax preparation business and operate as "Fox Tax,". I prepare mainly individual tax returns. I do not prepare corporation taxes, etc.

I reside in Morganton, N. C. which is where I have lived most of my life. Morganton is in the foothills of Western North Carolina. I call it "God's Country." By the way, don't try to move here because there are no houses for sale. They have even taken our two lanes roads and made them into one-way roads or doubled them to four or five lane roads. But do come and visit. Find out about Burke County and other information about N. C.  "Area Information you need to know"

My mother's maiden name was "Scott" and we have a Scott Reunion each year' so I have some Scott Clan information and pictures under  "Scott Family."

I graduated from Glen Alpine High School in 1960, therefore the reason for the
 "Glen Alpine High School Class of 1960" link. Lots of information.

The "Other Interest" link is for some of my interest and area happenings and attractions; it is full of pictures and information. We have a little about "Cycling", "Hiking".

I'm a Christian and believe in God, Jesus, and the infallible word of The Holy Bible. You can find some information on being a disciple of Jesus Christ, so please try "Christianity."  

The "Other Links" are just that, other links that I enjoy or have used for information. I am not responsible for their contents, read at your own risk.
And as always, you may "Email" me anytime.

This Articles page has some poems, holiday stories and sayings, quotes, maybe some
humor and other family type information. Click here

Health has been an issue and concern of mine for several years now. We are slowly being fed antibodies, hormones and pesticides as well as processed foods in such a way that it is systematically killing us. We need to turn back to God's Food Laws.            Click on Health.
You may also click on my "Biblical Food Laws" website; www.biblicalfoodlaw.com

Bless And Have a Great Day
Dewey Fox
















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