Glen Alpine High School 1960 Class

Missing Classmates

Classmates not contacted, but may have been in High School Annual,

Classmates may not have been in Senior Class

But would have graduated with us if they had not moved, quit, etc.

The listing below is the last time they were in the School Annual

Last known where-abouts, if known, is listed below



Year 1960 Senior Class
Name may be Annie Mae Wilmoth Winters?
May have been born in 1937?
Place of birth; Drakes Branch, Va. Surry County?

Ann Winters Senior Class

Year 1959 Junior Class
 FOUND - Found on 02/25/2008 in Morganton, N.C. on Hwy 181 North of Oak Hill now "Charlie Beth BENFIELD Miller"   

Beth Benfield Junior Class

Edith Daves Hall Junior Class

FOUND - Right here in Morganton on 8/9/2010.

Year 1958 Sophomore Class
FOUND - August 2010

Living in Old Fort, N C.

Billy Dellinger - Sophomore


In McColl, South Carolina on January 17, 2010

Charles Mathis - Sophomore Class

FOUND - July 29, 2010

Living in West Jefferson, N. C.

Mary Powell - Sophomore Class

FOUND - See Our Newsletter Volume 8, Issue 5, 21st Edition 2010 Located in May 2010. Living in Eastover, S. C. which is a small town near Columbia, S. C.   
Bill Whitener - Sophomore Class
FOUND - See Our Newsletter Volume 7, Issue 2 16th Edition 2009

Found in June of 2009, Ruby was in our class Sophomore
year, but graduated with the 1961 class. Mystery solved.

Ruby Williams - Sophomore Class (believed to be in Valdese area)

FOUND - August 2010

Deceased 7/8/1996, buried in Fairview Cemetery in Hickory

Herman Wood - Sophomore Class

Year 1957  Freshman Class
FOUND - August 2010
Died 1999, Buried at Zion Baptist Church

Leroy Benfield - Freshman Class
Found on 1/22/2008 in Valdese, N. C.
Wilson Bollinger - Freshman Class
Barbara Brown - Freshman Class
FOUND - in the obituaries of the local news paper May 26, 2009
Date of death was May 25, 2009 - See deceased classmates.Robert Gilbert
-   Robert Gilbert, Freshman Class (have had sightings in the area)
7th Grade Picture
No detailed information - Ref: Wilson Bollinger                             1/22/2008 -  Deceased in 2003 or 2004. Lived in Tennessee.

Eddie Gouge - Freshman Class (no picture in annual)

Betty Harding - Freshman Class (may be in Black Mountain, N. C. area)
NO PICTURE David Jeanes - Freshman Class (no picture in annual)
NO PICTURE FOUND - July 29, 2010

Deceased on 2/11/1988 and buried at Burke Memorial Park

William Justice - Freshman Class (no picture in annual)

Ronald Lindsay - Freshman Class
7th Grade Picture
Carolyn Shook - Freshman Class (no picture in annual)

FOUND - Living in Summerville, S. C. on 8/9/2010
Gordon Shuffler - Freshman Class

FOUND - Living in Charlotte, N. C. July of 2010.
See Class Newsletter August 2010, Volume 8, Issue 5, 21st Edition.

NO PICTURE FOUND - August 2010
Living right here in Burke County, Chesterfield area

Annie Laura Simpson- Freshman Class (no picture in annual)

NO PICTURE Charles Smith - Freshman Class (no picture in annual)

FOUND - Living in Thomasville, N. C.  on  8/6/2010
See the class newsletter issue 22 dated September 2010

Ronald Suddreth - Freshman Class

FOUND - Living Flat Gap Road in Valdese, N. C. July 25, 2012

See the class newsletter Volume 10 Issue 4, dated 2012

Please send me the mailing address and phone number of the following classmates that you may know or have information on. Thank you for your help. Dewey E. Fox

Dewey E. Fox, P. O. Box 2877, Morganton, N. C. 28680-2877
Phone (828) 437-9898, E-mail -


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