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By Date of Death 1960 to Current

ANDERSON, Avis (Kehoe)                           Jack Allen Burleson                                  02/20/1960
ARROWOOD, Judy (Roper) Betty Jean TURNER Sisk                          10/13/1965
Benfield, James Leroy Shirley Lois SISK                                          10/15/1972
BIGGERSTAFF, Becky (Powell) Donald D. Mull                                            10/21/1975 
Brittain, Sr., Colin Lee Linda DICKSON Fox                                 11/28/1984
Brown, William "Bill" Boyd William Austin Justice                                 02/11/1988
Burleson, Jack Allen Avis ANDERSON Kehoe                            05/02/1995
Cannon, "Babe" Francis Herman Lee Wood                                      07/08/1996
DICKSON, Linda (Fox) James Leroy Benfield                                  02/05/1999
Epley, Tom Inez ROSS Carswell Ledbetter                  10/27/2000
FREEMAN, Trixie (Ridley) Colin Lee Brittain, Sr.                                 10/13/2001
Gilbert, Robert Clay Jacqueline MULL Reichert                         03/10/2002
Henline, Jesse Glenn Clifford Lee Patton                                     12/13/2002
Honeycutt, Jr. James Glenn Mindora LEONARD Lutz                            06/23/2003
Jarrett, Charles William Trixie FREEMAN Ridley                             03/01/2004
Justice, William Austin James Glenn Honeycutt, Jr.                        09/15/2004
KELLY, Ethel Faye Stephenson Tom Epley                                                    01/14/2006
LEONARD, Mindora (Lutz) Judy Ellen WHITE                                       07/13/2007
Mathis, Charles "Chuck" Charles William Jarrett                               02/10/2008
Morgan, Donald Ray Monroe Ramsey                                                  02/20/2009
Mull, Donald D. Robert Clay Gilbert                                     05/25/2009
MULL, Jacqueline (Reichert) Norma Kay REEP Curtis                                 01/19/2010 
Patton, Clifford Lee Becky BIGGERSTAFF Powell                    01/25/2010
PATTON, Joan Dorothea (Doughty) Jesse Glenn Henline                                     08/18/2010
Ramsey, Monroe Francis "Babe" Cannon                             12/05/2010
REEP, Norma Kay (Curtis) Joan Dorothea PATTON Doughty             06/26/2011                      
ROSS, Inez (Carswell) (Ledbetter) Dewie Lee Shuffler                                       10/01/2012
Shuffler, Dewie Lee William "Bill" Boyd Brown                                10/22/2012
SISK, Shirley Lois Donald Ray Morgan                                     07/24/2013
Suddreth, Dewell Ronald Dewell Ronald Suddreth                               08/17/2013
TURNER, Betty Jean (Sisk) Judy ARROWOOD Roper                           09/22/2013
WHITE, Judy Ellen Ethel Faye KELLY Stephenson                       11/05/2013             
Wood, Herman Lee Charles "Chuck" Mathis                              05/20/2014


Avis ANDERSON Kehoe 10/12/1942 to 05/20/1995 - Avis ANDERSON Kehoe

          Avis seemed to me to be a very quiet girl and was very smart in school. Oh yes, did I
tell you she was a beautiful girl too? She lived across from the ball field close to the school.  
She was able to walk to school everyday opposed to riding a bus, like me. I never had
any contact with Avis after we graduated, but I would see her brother "Travis" every now
and then at the post office and would inquire about her. I understand she was married
several times and with her last marriage, her and her husband moved back to Burke County
to a farm that was raising grapes for the winery which was located on the Patton Road. Her
mother, as of this writing still lives in the same house, close to the ball field,
that Avis was raised in. I'll always remember her. Click here for her obituary.

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Judy ARROWOOD Roper - 01/03/1942 to 09/22/2013 - Judy ARROWOOD Roper

            Judy was one of the nicest if not the nicest girl in school. I never heard her say anything
about anyone that was bad. If she thought otherwise, she kept it to herself. This was something
that carried over in her entire life.  Remember that old mother's saying; "If you can't anything
good, say nothing." Judy was well liked by everyone in school. Never knew her to even get a
paddling by a teacher or principle. As a matter of fact I never observed she to be in any trouble.
She will be missed by all the classmates as well as her family. Goodbye Judy to this world.
Click here for her obituary.
More information about Judy from Class Newsletter Volume 11, Issue 3 November 2013

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James Leroy Benfield - 11/24/1940 to 02/05/1999 - James Leroy Benfield

          You may not remember James Leroy Benfield. We knew him only as Leroy, back in those days
they only put your name in school and the annual as the name you were called by. Sometimes
it could only be your nick name. Leroy lived in another school district, but when he moved
into South Mountain Institute, he went to school at Glen Alpine for a short time. In case anyone
doesn't know this was a home for boys and girls. It is known by another name today. I think it
is South Mountain Children's Home. Leroy died at the young age of 58.
For a picture of his tombstone and obituary you can click here.
"Class Newsletter with more information about Leroy is Volume 8, Issue 6, September 2010"

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Becky BIGGERSTAFF Powell - 03/28/1941 to 01/25/2010 - Becky Biggerstaff Powell

           Do you remember Becky? I do; I remember her always being neatly dressed with those plaid skirts, bobby socks and shoes. Back in those days girls didn't try to dress to show what they had or didn't have. If I can remember correctly, Becky was a straight "A" student. But, I never did get to copy her papers, I just continued to make my "Bs" and "Cs". Becky seems to me that she was always carrying that arm full of books. Back in those days, no such thing as a book bag. Becky and I were a little kin; her grandmother and my grandmother were sisters. (Dale were their last name) Always a smile and laughter any time you saw her. We will surely be missing her even today. Click here for her obituary.
See Class Newsletter for more about Becky Volume 8, Issue 2,

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Colin Lee Brittain, Sr. - 08/18/1942 to 10/13/2001 - Colin Lee Brittain, Sr.

           I remember Colin back in school; we called him "The Farmer," and that was what he was.
Before getting to school each day he would have been out farming on his family's farm.
He had been plowing the fields or milking the cows on their diary farm. He was a hard worker.
By the time we got out of bed and ready for school, Colin would have already worked half-a-day.
After graduating, his parents started slowing down and retiring; he took over the family farm. His
farm was on Jamestown Road, a few miles from Glen Alpine High School. Close to the church
that we attended together as boys and where he is now buried; Gibbs Chapel Wesleyan
Church. He never strayed far from home. I'll always remember him as the hard-working farmer.
Click here for his obituary.

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William "Bill" Boyd Brown -  02/18/1941 to 10/22/2012 - William "Bill" Boyd Brown

             William "Bill" Boyd Brown was a quiet guy and very smart with the bookwork in school.
 Bill was one of those classmates that you just knew that he was going to be a success in
whatever he did, and that was accomplished in his life. I remember
him being so much taller than me. Of course about everyone was taller than me.
             Bill was also a bus driver for a while, Edith Allen told me that Bill was her bus driver during
his tenor as a school bus driver. We will miss him and I'm sure his wife Shirley will. 

 "Class Newsletter with more information about Bill is Volume 10 Issue 4 November 2012."

Click here for his obituary

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  10th Grade Picture

Jack Allen Burleson - 04/06/1941 to 02/20/1960 - Jack Allen Burleson

                  The Shooting of Jack Allen Burleson, February 20,1960. Dead at the young age of 18.
        Jack Burleson, our classmate up to the tenth grade died of a gun shoot wound to the head.
It was truly the situation where "he was in the wrong place at the wrong time." The shooter was
not aiming for Jack; the bullet went through the car where Jack was sitting in the backseat.
        Jack and I were friends in our early school years. I remember going to his house to spend the
night with him when we were in primary grades. I do remember we went down to the creek to go
fishing. Don't believe we caught anything come to think of it.
        The other thing I remember about Jack was that he didn't like school and he laid out a lot.
Apparently he quit school about the time he turned sixteen. His picture did not shown up
in the annual his freshman year in high school. He was either out that day or wasn't in school.
        If you click on the Shooting of Jack Allen Burleson, you will be able read the local News-Herald
newspaper account of the shooting along with the "Certificate of Death." Jack's family was originally
from Avery County. Jack is buried in the "Burleson Family Cemetery" in Avery County, outside of
Newland on Spanish Oak Road.
       "Class Newsletter with more information about Jack is Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2005"
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Francis "Babe" Cannon - 09/20/1940 to 12/05/2010 - Francis "Babe" Cannon

I remember "Babe" as we knew him as, was a very friendly classmate and I think he got the "Most Friendly"
in his senior year of high school. He played football for Glen Alpine legendary coach "Jug Wilson." I believe
he went to school the first two years of high school at Morganton and then transferred to Glen Alpine High
School. Where he played football, and was a basketball time keeper. He was also a Homecoming Escort.
I kept in touch with "Babe" all through the years and visited him a couple of times when he was in the
rest home. Glenda, his wife, would usually keep me posted on his happenings and conditions. We will
surely miss this nice, funny and friendly classmate, Francis "Babe" Cannon.
"Class Newsletter with more information about "Babe" is Volume 9 Issue 1, April 2011. Obituary click here.

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Linda DICKSON Fox - 08/14/1942 to 11/28/1984 - Linda DICKSON Fox

          After searching cousins, kin, and other distance family members I was able to
locate the daughter of Linda. Debbie now lives in Lincolnton and is a stay-at-home
mom. On the phone she seemed to be as sweet as Linda was in school and probably
just as beautiful. In high school I had a crush on Linda, but we never did hit-it-off as
boyfriend-girlfriend. But she married a Fox, that was some consolation. Linda had three
children, two girls and one boy. She was the grandmother of four grandchildren.
Later in life she went to Gaston College and became a Registered Nurse. And needless
to say she graduated top of her class as she did in high school. Upon graduating, she went
to work at Lincolnton Nursing Center. After working a double shift at the center, on her way
home, Linda fell asleep and lost her life in a tragic car accident. She is buried in the
Forest Lawn Cemetery in Lincolnton. I have many fond memories of Linda. Bless her and family.
Click here for her obituary.

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Tom Epley - 05/03/1942 to 01/14/2006 - Tom Epley - Tom Epley

       I never did see Tom after our graduation in 1960, and as far as I can remember we
never even spoke until I was rounding up all the classmates for our 43rd Class Reunion in 2003.
I finally got hold of his sister and she gave me his phone number. I called Tom and we spoke at
length about what was going on in his life. His life occupation was being an electrician, but he had
to retire due to his health problems. I think he told me that he had had several heart attacks and had
cancer and was now on disability. He lived close to Lincolnton in a little town known as Iron Station,
at least that was his mailing address. Due to his health conditions he was not able to come to the Class
 Reunion in 2003. I kept saying I'm going down to see Tom, but never did make it. Tom and I were
friends all through school, especially in the elementary grades. I still have the lead pencil mark in one
of my fingers from a lead pencil fight (you remember them?) with Tom somewhere around the sixth
grade. So I have the permanent mark to remember Tom by, all I have to do is look down on my right
finger. May God Bless Tom, which I understand was ready to go. Click here for obituary.
        "Class Newsletter with more information about Tom is Volume 4, Issue 2, July 2006"

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Trixie FREEMAN Ridley - 02/20/1942 to 03/01/2004 - Trixie FREEMAN Ridley

         I can remember Trixie was so excited about being invited to our 43rd Class Reunion
back in September of 2003. After the reunion she stopped by the office several times to
show me her reunion pictures and we discussed old times. I was so glad that we were
able to have that Class Reunion before she died. At the Class Reunion she was the
picture of health and she had not been diagnosed with any health problems or was she
aware of any health problems. In December of 2003 I got the news that she was
diagnosed with cancer and it had spread over most of her body. I visited her in the hospital
and her attitude was great and she was her old self. You would never have known she was
sick. What a testimony about her life here on earth. God Bless you Trixie. Click here for obituary.
         "Class Newsletter with more information about Trixie is Volume 2, Issue 1, March 2004."

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Robert Clay Gilbert - 06/14/1940 to 05/25/2009 - Robert Clay Gilbert

          Robert Clay Gilbert, was one of our missing classmates, that means we were not able to local
him for any of the reunions. Ever though we had sightings of him several times, but not confirmed.
We didn't know his where-abouts until I saw his name in the obituaries in the local paper. Actually
we lost contact with him after our freshman year of high school. I remember him as a "big boy"
as compared to me, but with also a "big heart" and well natured for life. Click here for obituary.
        "Class Newsletter with more information about Robert is Volume 7, Issue 2, October 2009"

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Jesse Glenn Henline - 06/08/1942 to 08/18/2010 - Jesse Glenn Henline

          Jesse lost his battle with cancer Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at about 9:55 A.M. We are poorer
here on earth with his loss, but will be richer in heaven with his passing on to his new home. He
fought the good fight, but in the end the cancer over powered him. He had several operations
and had been sick for sometime.
            I remember Jesse, later known to us as Glenn, was a quiet man that got things done in his
own way. I hadn't seen Jesse for many years after school, but our paths crossed about 5 years ago
and we became good friends again. While he was sick I went to see him and called to check on
him many times. He always had a good attitude and fought sickness and death like a man. We will
truly miss him. Click here for his obituary.

"Class Newsletter with more information about Jesse is Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2008"
"Class Newsletter with more information about Jesse is Volume 8, Issue 6, September 2010"

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James Glenn Honeycutt, Jr. - 07/04/1939 to 09/15/2004 - James Glenn Honeycutt, Jr.

         James Glenn Honeycutt, Jr. died after fighting cancer for a period of time. When speaking to
James during the last month or so while he was sick, he indicated that maybe he would have another
couple of years to live. But God had other plans for James. During his sickness he never lost his
"sense of humor." This speaks well of James, because I never saw his "sense of humor" or his
"personality" change over all these 40 plus years that I have known him. He always had that
upbeat "personality" and ready to go and I'm sure that was the way it was in his last days here
on earth. We will surety miss him. Click here for obituary.  
          "Class Newsletter with more information about James is Volume 2, Issue 4, November 2004."

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Charles William Jarrett - 05/26/1942 to 02/10/2008 - Charles William Jarrett

         I remember jolly "Charlie" as we called him. I don't know why, but it seems most people with
the name of Charles are called Charlie, it just has a ring to it. I think we called Charles Jarrett "Charlie"
 because it DID have a ring to it and "Charlie" answered to that ring. He would perk up when he heard
his name. Always getting that laugh and smile when talking to him. Oh yes, also always getting that little
look on his face; like he had just done something and was wondering if he was caught. Nothing bad,
but like most of us young boys, we always wanted to do something that we weren't suppose to do and
 had that look on our face; "Am I caught?" I know sometime early in his life he lost his eye with an
air-rifle accident and I think it was replaced with a glass eye. But Charlie never let that slow him down.
He could get into as much mischievousness as the rest of us.
        He was laid-to-rest in the Calvin Height Church Cemetery with Elvis Presley singing, "Peace in the Valley."
     One of our classmates said it best about Charlie; "I will miss knowing Charlie, one of us, will be
among us no more." Click here for his obituary.           
 "Class Newsletter with more information about Charlie is Volume 6, Issue 2, March 2008."

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William Austin Justice - 10/20/1929 to 02/11/1988 - William Austin Justice

        I don't remember anything about William during our school days. He was only in the
Freshman Annual, so he didn't attend Glen Alpine High School except for a short time. I heard
that he was in the army before coming to Glen Alpine and during his school years worked 3rd
shift in a local hosiery mill. For a picture of his tombstone, you can click here.
"Class Newsletter with more information about William is Volume 8, Issue 6, September 2010"

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Ethel Faye KELLY Stephenson - 02/03/1942 to 11/05/2013 - Ethel Faye KELLY Stephenson

         Faye as she was called, not Ethel, few probably knew Ethel was her first name, was a good looking
girl. Give her a 9 or 10 on a scale of 10. On top of this she was a 10 in school studies. I think she had
almost an A average in her book work. Hard to find that combination. She was very busy in school; she
was cheerleader, editor of the class of 1960. As well as many other things going outside the class room.
          Faye came to many of the class reunions and luncheons. She knew everyone and all enjoyed her
fellowship and smile. I'm sure her family will miss her as we from her classmates will. Faye was
raised with two brothers and four sisters, seven in the family. Somewhat of a large family.
           Click here for Ethel Faye Obituary
"Class Newsletter with more information about Faye is Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2014"

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Mindora LEONARD Lutz - 02/24/1942 to 06/23/2003 - Mindora LEONARD Lutz

         Mindora never made it to our 43rd Glen Alpine High School Class Reunion, scheduled
for September of 2003. She died less than three months before the reunion. She had the
invitation and was planning to come. The only contact I had with her after we left school was
a couple of years back, I located her on the "Classmates" website and we emailed each other
several times. At the time she lived in California where she had lived for 25 years or so, the
way I understand it. A year or so before her death she and her husband moved back to the
North Carolina beach. I think it was Carolina Shores, which is right above the South Carolina
state line. I remember her as a beautiful girl, light complexion and blonde hair. A girl any
man could fall in love with in a Burke County Minute. Click here for obituary.

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Charles "Chuck" Mathis - 12/19/1941 to 05/20/2014 - Charles "Chuck" Mathis

             I remember Charles while in school as a handsome young man with curly hair.
He wasn't at Glen Alpine very long while in high school. About his sophomore year at
Glen Alpine he moved to Crossnore High School in Avery County. And later he moved
to Thomasville, where he finished High School. He continued his education at Wingate
College. Charles was at Crossnore High School about the same time I was there; my
sophomore and junior years. Charles was raised at South Mountain Institute which is
now called South Mountain Children's Home. Click here for obituary. 
           "Class Newsletter with more information about Charles is Volume 12 Issue 2, June 2014.
             The class, family and friends will dearly miss him. 

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Donald Ray Morgan - 03/28/1942 to 07/24/2013 - Donald Ray Morgan

        Donald was one of the smartest boys in my class, he seemed to always make A's, not like me,
lucky to make B' or C's. He was number 64 in football. In our Senior Year (1960) Donald was
May King along with Pat Deaton as May Queen. Donald also vice-president of our senior class
as well as the NEATEST dresser in school. In the Senior Annual, "Class Prophecy" said that Donald
still had his friendly ways. According to the senior directory Donald was Football 2,3,4; All
Conference Football 4; Dramatics 3; Sophomore Class Treasurer. Click here for obituary.
         "Class Newsletter with more information about Donald Ray Morgan is Volume 11, Issue 3, November 2013"
          We all classmates and family will miss him.

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NO PICTURE Donald D. Mull - 08/07/1941 to 10/21/1975 - Donald D. Mull

        Donald D. Mull died at a young age, 34, as compared to most of us. I remember Donald in school,
he was very outgoing. We both used to aggravate the same girls in class. He seemed to be the picture
of health. His death was sudden and unexpected. I remember the news when I was in my
early thirties. It was a shock and sad all at the same time. Click here for obituary.
       "Class Newsletter with more information about Donald D. Mull is Volume 8, Issue 7, December 2010"

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Jacqueline MULL Reichert - 02/18/1942 to 03/10/2002 - Jacqueline MULL Reichert

          Jacqueline Mull was the twin-sister of Josephine Mull. We called them Jack and Jo for
short. They lived in the Carbon City Area of town and rode the school bus. Even through
they were twin-sisters they were not identical twins. If I remember correctly, they also
had two different personalities. But they would dress alike sometimes. According to her
obituary, after high school she graduated from Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida.
As far as I can remember our paths never crossed after graduating from high school. But when
I would see her father or other family members I would ask about her. She was married and
did not have any children according to the information I can get. She was a good girl
and smart in school, which I wasn't. We are all sorry to see her go. We loved her much.
Click here for her obituary.

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Clifford Lee Patton - 10/31/1941 to 12/13/2002 - Clifford Lee Patton

         Clifford was another classmate that I didn't cross path with even through he lived in
Glen Alpine area and so did I. It's funny how things happen, living in the same areas but
never coming in contact with each other. It just goes to show that we all travel in different
circles in life. According to what I can understand he worked at Drexel Heritage for 33 years
and was in the  U.S. Army, having served in the Signal Corps in Vietnam. While in service
he was selected to guard the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier;" very few soldiers get this
opportunity. That just goes to show you what kind of man Clifford Patton was. Click here for obituary.

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Joan Dorothea PATTON Doughty - 03/27/1942 to 06/26/2011 - Joan D. Patton Doughty

         Joan, as I remember seemed like a nice young girl and very quiet. I wasn't around her very
much, so I would not be able to make a real good judgment. I think she was an average or
above average student. There were five Patton's in our class and I think they were all kin; there
was Joan, Rebecca, Clifford, Horace and Alfred. I just know they were like me, came from the poor
side of town. I understand Joan had a nice family of a husband and five children. We will surety
miss her as I'm sure her family will. She was above average in my eyes. Click here for obituary.     

          "Class Newsletter with more information about Joan PATTON Doughty is "Volume 9, Issue 10, 2011"

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No Picture

Monroe Ramsey - 10/18/1941 to 02/20/2009 - Monroe Ramsey - No obituary to view

         I remember Monroe, a small guy, kinda like myself. I guess that was the reason we didn't
get into football or any of the other sports. It seems those large guys could run over top of us. But,
I do remember Monroe playing in the band, and was a great band instrument player of the horn, I
believe it was. He was also smart as a whiz and made good grades, especially compared to me.
         I believe it was about the tenth grade or last of the ninth grade that he moved out of town.
I never seen him again and after 50 plus years we found out that he was deceased. I'm sure his
family misses him and I will to. No Obituary known.

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Norma Kay REEP Curtis - 05/04/1942 to 01/19/2010 -

         Norma Kay as she was called was a cute girl is what I noticed about her. She also seemed to have
a smile most of the time. I think she quit school before our graduation. But, she was fun to be
around. After school I ran into her a few times, but our paths didn't cross any other time.
         According to my telephone conversation with her daughter she was cremated and her ashes
buried on the property as her husband's was. She even requested no obituary.
        "Class Newsletter with more information about Norma Kay is Volume 8, Issue 7, December 2010"

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Inez ROSS Carswell Ledbetter - 11/23/1941 to 10/27/2000 - Inez ROSS Carswell Ledbetter

        I never seen Inez after her and I left school. Only did I realize that after all these years
that we had not crossed paths since school. That was discovered while checking through
the High School Annuals to look up all the names of classmates that I had went to school
with over the years. I happened to remember her brother Clyde, we had early morning
bicycle paper routes back in those days. I don't think there are any kids doing that any more.
Inez married and had two lovely daughters. Later her husband died and she remarried and
moved one county over to McDowell County where she died and was buried in the
cemetery of the Freedom Missionary Baptist Church.
Sorry our paths didn't cross more often. Click here for obituary.
        "Class Newsletter with more information about Inez is Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2005"

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Dewie Lee Shuffler - 05/10/1942 to 10/01/2012 - Dewie Lee Shuffler

       I moved to Crossnore, N. C. and went to school there my sophomore and junior years.
So I didn't get much time in those years to know or associate with Dewie. And by the way
I didn't know that he spelled his first name "Dewie." I always thought that he spelled
it as I do mine "Dewey." I spelled it as Dewey and he never corrected me.
I ran into Dewie several times over the years and he was always the same, always nice,
motivated and friendly. As his family, he will be missed. Check here for obituary.
         "Class Newsletter with more information about Dewie is Volume 10, Issue 4, November 2012."

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Shirley Lois Sisk - 11/02/1941 to 10/15/1972 - Shirley Lois Sisk

       Our classmate Shirley Lois Sisk died under mysterious circumstances on October 15, 1972.
She was found sitting on the couch in a friend's house. One person that looked, thought their
was something wrong, so him and another friend called an ambulance. (Back in those days
the ambulance services was run by the funeral homes) Shirley was dead on arrival at Grace
Hospital, apparently she had been dead several hours. Shirley had been badly beaten and alcohol
may have played a part in the cause of death. There was a party the night before.
        Click on Shirley Lois Sisk and you will be taken to a page with a copy of the local News-Herald
article detailing the circumstances of her death and the funeral arrangements.
        "Class Newsletter with more information about Shirley is Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2005"

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Dewell Ronald Suddreth - 01/27/1943 to 08/17/2013-  Dewell Ronald Suddreth

         I think Ronald ,as we knew him, quit in maybe the 9th or 10th grade. I don't remember him
much after that time. Back in those days jobs were plentiful and you could get a job about an;y
where with some schooling. Not like it is today, need a specified diploma. I did run into him several
during the last 50 years. The class only caught up with him about a year before he died. 
Class Newsletter with information about Ronald is Volume 11, Issue 3 November 2013.

Click here for obituary.        

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 Betty Jean TURNER Sisk - 08/16/1942 to 10/13/1965 - Betty Jean TURNER Sisk

          "Betty Jean Turner" as we knew her, died at a very young age due to a brain hemorrhage
according to her "Certificate of Death." She was originally married to a Sisk but was divorced at the
time of her death. She left behind two children, one son and one daughter. She is buried in the
graveyard of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church on Conley Road in Burke County.
Apparently Betty Jean quit school in her freshman or sophomore years since her picture did
not show up in the annual after her freshman year. I remember Betty Jean, a small short girl; and I
remember aggravating her in the classes we shared together. I wasn't the nicest of guys back in
those days; you may remember. I probably haven't changed much over the years.
I had a hard time running down the information on Betty Jean. Her mother had died as well as
her brother and all her children and sister had moved out of town. But after many months of asking
people I finally found a first cousin of Betty Jean's and got information to complete the puzzle.
You can find the News Herald's obituary, Certificate of Death, pictures of gravesite, etc. if
you will click here on Betty Jean TURNER Sisk.
          "Class Newsletter with more information about Betty Jean is Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2005"

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Judy Ellen White - 01/13/1941 to 07/13/2007 - Judy Ellen White
             "Judy Ellen White" picture was in the Glen Alpine High School Annual in 1957 as a freshman.
Apparently she moved away or quit school after her freshman year since her picture was not in any of the later annuals. I don't remember much about Judy since I didn't have anything to do with girls at that point in  my life or should I say they didn't have anything to do with me.. I do know that Judy was a sister to Bob White, our graduating classmate. To the best of my memory I didn't see Judy after 1957. How about that? We lived in the same county for 50 more years and never run into each other. What a small world and yet so large. We will miss her as I know her family will. You can find her obituary from the local newspaper, The News Herald, just click here on Judy Ellen Whiter

           "Class Newsletter with more information about Judy will be "Volume 5, Issue 2, November 2007"

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Herman Lee Wood - 06/08/1942 to 07/08/1996 - Herman Lee Wood
I don't remember much about Herman since he left Glen Alpine early his Junior year
and I was in Crossnore my sophomore and junior high school years. I remember he was
a small guy like me. I guess that is the reason I never played any competitive sports in school.
Herman went to South Mountain Institute for boys and girls. He left school and joined
the Navy where he was there for 4 1/2 years. We lost contact with each other after school.
I did talk to his widow, Linda and she had very fond memories of him. Just click here
on Herman Lee Wood for his obituary from the Hickory Daily Record.
  " Class Newsletter with more information about Herman will be in Volume 8, Issue 6, September 2010"

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