Dewey Fox Family House Then and Now


This is the house I lived in, it was purchased in 1948.
I think it was referred to as the "White's Place." I was six years old
at the time and in the first grade. If you will notice on the left side of the porch
there is a old timey victrola, ....I call them. I still have this record player.

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Victrola in home today.
This was a hand-me-down from my grandfather, June Scott.
It has been refurnished inside and out and sets in my house.
This Orthophonic  Victrolas  came out in late 1925, called
a "Consolette" and later was called VV 4-3.
No electricity, all you have to do is wind it up and let the music begin.
"Shall we dance?"
This is the way my parent's house looks today, the year 2006.
How times have changed!

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