Glen Alpine School System Started?


When was the Glen Alpine School System started and when was the first building built?
This was the question I asked and we came up with a few answers.

             In a pamphlet I have entitled “Sketches of Burke County” by Cordelia Camp (Supervisor of County Schools)
dated 1954, she states that “Robert Logan Patton… 1876 began teaching at Table Rock near his old home.
After leaving there he taught at Boonville, The Globe, Amherst, Moravian Falls, Glen Alpine and Morganton.

                 In 1891, Mr. Patton established the famous Patton School in Morganton and ran it until 1912.” As you can see this took place
 between 1876 and 1891. I’m not sure this was the Glen Alpine School we know, but the legislature of 1907 chartered by
 special district the Glen Alpine School.

Email from Clyde Ross which was a graduate of GAHS and was a year or so behind us in school. September 07, 2007 

~Subscription Schools~

                Glen Alpine’s earliest public and subscription schools had terms of two or three months. Citizens of the community
wanted better schools with longer terms, so in 1907 they voted to have a special school district.

                In 1912 the first public high school in the county school system was established at Glen Alpine. Children from other 
 parts of the county were allowed to attend there. Later a dormitory for these high school students from other parts
of the county was provided.

From “The Heritage of Burke County, 1981” and published by The Burke County Historical Society has the above
 written and researched by Eleanor Butler.            

                                                                                                     Found and rewritten by Dewey E. Fox , September 2007

Dewey’s Comments:

 These two above writings of history would match up on the dates and what happened, so I believe it to be true.
The Patton School of Morganton closed when the first public high school was established in Glen Alpine in 1912.
Apparently there was school with some sort of teaching before 1912. We could assume they had school when
teachers were available and the students could attend.
                                                                                                                             Dewey E. Fox, September 2007

History of Robert Logan Patton IV

Florence Taylor, mother of Cobb Taylor,
with her 1929 Glen Alpine High School Diploma.
Aunt Florence turned 97 in September of 2007.
So we know that the Glen Alpine School had graduating students in 1929.

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