2005 Journals

The Outreach Center


I started to work on Tuesday nights at the Outreach Center sometime about the middle of April.  During that time I did not keep a journal of the Tuesday night events.  Then sometime in August of the same year I thought about the journal (I had a brain storm, for me anyway).  So the first journal will be from April to September of 2005.  Then most of them on a weekly basis unless I was out of town and could not attend the Tuesday night grocery handouts.


Basically, what I was doing was meeting the people and rolling out their groceries to their vehicle. Then loading the groceries into their vehicles, taking prayer request for anything they wanted to pray for. Then I would pray for their request and them. Then I would roll the food cart back inside and ready for the next one. Sometimes I would have what we call a “runner” that would go with me to push the food carts.


The Outreach Center is a place you can go to get groceries on a weekly basis in addition to other things, such as clothing, GED for High School Diploma, and a word of hope and encouragement.  No questions asked, if you need it and they have it you can get it.


Praise the Lord for this wonderful work of the Lord.

 Praise God and thank Him for His blessings

Bond Servant – Dewey Fox







April through August 2005.         The Outreach Center


Many things have happened at the Outreach Center while praying for people.  I guess the things I remember during this time most vividly are the following. One evening as I was taking the groceries to a car, another couple was there and apparently they had not had anything to eat for days.  They had opened a bag of green tomatoes and were eating them.  They were hungry and probably had not eaten all day or maybe days.  They also were drinking from a bottle of juice that was in the cart. 


On another occasion as I was praying for a lady she began to shake and tremble.  When I felt her trembling, it kind of set me back from praying since that had never happened before.  God was working on her.  The more I prayed the more she trembled and when I stopped praying, she staggered to the car.  We both felt the presence of God in a mighty way.


I do remember another time as we took groceries out to a couple of young gentlemen.  One man looked about 25 or so and I had not seen him before nor since. On this night however, he changed the table.  When I said, “can I pray for you?” he came back with, “Let me pray for you.”  I have never had that to happen before.  He prayed and we all went on our glorious way.


On another occasion, we took some groceries out to the car for several ladies.  In the car there was a young lady who was a diabetic.  She was somewhat over weight. She was telling me about her diabetes so I could pray for her.  When she showed me the bottom of one of her feet it had a hole about the size of a quarter and maybe a quarter to half inch deep.  It was just a hole.  I thought to myself how bad the health of some of these people is.  I wonder sometimes if these unhealthy people would get good food nutrition and quit eating all that junk food how much better they would be in their life style. Oh yes, and drink plenty of pure water.


I do remember maybe one of the saddest situations during these few months. We took the groceries out for a young lady. We unloaded her groceries from the food cart and we started discussing prayer and if she had any prayer request. She said her child had been through, I think it was 14 operations and he was only about three years old. What was so amazing about it was that she upbeat and giving glory to God. She kept saying, well it could be worse. What a testimony!! Isn't God awesome?


It doesn’t happen every Tuesday night, but usually maybe once a month someone will take off and will not let us pray for them.  They will load the groceries and say that they don’t need any prayer.  God must really be dealing with them if they can’t stand for anyone to pray for them.  We are nice to them and bless and let them go. “Bless and Release” They’re in God’s hands.

                                                                                                                                In His Service,


                                                                                    Dewey Fox                                                        



September 6, 2005.              The Outreach Center


            Tonight it was a good night at the food program. Everyone I took to their vehicle was nice and didn’t mind prayer or wanted prayer.  I probably have never seen so many needs.  Most of these people are down and out on their luck.  A lot have lost their jobs or had to quit and were unable to work due to some sickness or disease.


            I remember one lady that had cancer, apparently of the throat and mouth.  She had a lot of her face cut away but was still able to talk very well.  I prayed for her along with Barbara, my helper.  She wanted prayer for her family.  When I walked away, I too started crying.  It was a sad situation, but we have to keep our faith in God no matter what.


            Another young lady we took out to her vehicle was a Hmong.  She was very nice and receptive.  She told me that her family didn’t go to church anywhere and that her husband didn’t believe in any type of religion.  She was receptive to my response and she believed the Bible and knew about Jesus.  Barbara and I pointed her to several churches in the area and ask that she might start going to worship somewhere.  I was impressed with her and her receptiveness.


            One more for the night -- We took out a grocery basket to the vehicle of three or four people that could not hear.  They were deaf.  I realized this as we were putting groceries from the basket into their car. When I had their attention, I did sign language for “Amen” and that put a smile on their face and I signed “thank you” (my extent of sign language).  They seemed to be okay with it all.  God had me learn those two signs for deaf people two weeks before from another person that I helped.  Just for this, isn’t it wonderful how God works things out? 


Praise the Lord




September 13, 2005.  The Outreach Center


            Today it was a hot day but as the sun set the temperature adjusted to a very nice evening.  It’s also getting darker a lot earlier and by the time we finished it was totally dark at 8:00 p.m.  We seem to have the normal crowd and stayed busy until the last receiver of groceries was taken care of.  Tonight I worked by myself ,but normally I have a partner.  Pastor Larry put me in the lion’s den by myself,  but I was ready.  The Lord has continued to bless.  I had a lot of singles tonight (one bag of groceries receivers).  I managed to pray for and with 25 people who had many prayer requests.  I asked the Lord to bless in each of their request.  I seem to always end up praying for the safety of the receiver while going home tonight and into next week.  I had a couple of receivers that spoke none or very little English.  It’s a disadvantage trying to communicate with those that do not speak English and I speak none of their language. But hopefully, we all got the message; Jesus Christ.


            Tonight I had one sad prayer request, for sure.  The husband had serious back pain and the wife and husband had a falling out of some kind with her mother and sister.  Tears came to the wife’s eyes as she told me about the situation and wanted prayer for them.  I prayed for them and to reconcile the family that they would get back together and each of them ask for forgiveness.


                                                                               Praise God,



P.S.  I gave out 25 cards with a Bible verse to receivers –                   Lamentations 3:22




September 20, 2005.  The Outreach Center


            We were busy tonight with a lot of people and I don’t believe many workers.  We seemed a little short on help.  It was after 8:30 p.m. when we finished for the night.  There were many prayer requests tonight, including young persons with diseases and sickness.  Many ladies had tears in their eyes tonight after I prayed for them; usually it was because of a loved one that was not saved or had gone down the wrong path.  I prayed for one young lady and her brother who had a lot of anger in him.  He had just lost his job and was drinking heavy and was away from the Lord.  The lady cried, but felt relieved after praying.


I remember one couple from Marion that wanted me to pray for their 24 year old son that was not living a Christian life.  I did not ask for the details, but I heard her cry as I was praying and when finished, she hugged me afterwards.  They were such a nice couple.


One older gentleman prayed for us at the Outreach Center with a prayer of appreciation for what we are doing for the people.


I took several Mexicans out with groceries and they spoke little or no English.  I did the best that I could with a few words of Spanish in my vocabulary - Amen and thank you.


Tonight I gave out 28 of my scripture cards.  This is the number of people who I prayed with.  Also it was the “Outreach” first “Awareness” tour of the center.  It went very well.


                                                                         Praise the Lord



P.S.            A first – loading groceries onto a bicycle.


My Scripture card reads on one side: It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.”  Lamentations 3:22 (KJV) 

On the other side it reads: The Word of God invites us to have intimacy with God. After we kick and struggle, thinking we are “holding onto God,” we discover all along that “He has been holding on to us.”                  

                                                         Read somewhere and edited



September 27, 2005.  The Outreach Center


            It seemed like we had a lot of people tonight.  Many people were out of jobs or on disability due to health problems.  A lot of these people are young, but there are many health problems.  When a person is disabled they normally do not have any other income except the disability (SSI).


            I had one guy that was homeless tonight.  He probably wasn’t over 30 and had been on his own since the age of 15.  He had a job at one time, but was hurt in a truck accident and lost his job and was now homeless.  He was living in a tent somewhere behind Walker Road Baptist Church.  He had a few friends that would let him shower at their place.  Someone brought him to get the groceries.  He said he didn’t come every week to get his groceries.


            I prayed with a lady that had two daughters both with Chrome’s Disease, a disease of the stomach.  They were ages 41 and 38.  She said it is inherited every fifth generation.  One daughter had seven operations in one month and about died.


            Another lady that I prayed for had lost her 24 year old son due to a drug overdose.  She herself was a RN but was on disability.  We prayed for others caught up in this drug addition.  She had tears in her eyes after praying and said that she was ready to go to heaven to be with her son.


           I gave out 28 of the 30 scripture cards that I brought tonight.


                                                                                                                             Thank you Jesus

                                                                      Dewey Fox



October 11, 2005.                 The Outreach Center


            There are many people that came through the line tonight that have many medical illnesses.  I tried to pray for each one as well as any request for others that they may have.  For example, tonight we had a mother and daughter who came to get groceries.  The mother has had four heart attacks and the last one was four months ago.  She believes her next one will be the final one.  The daughter’s husband was dying of cancer.  The cancer had spread over the entire body and the doctor gave him two months to live.  They have a sixteen year old son.


            I don’t know why God allows or lets bad things happen, but it has to be in His perfect will for our life as it is recorded in Romans 8:28.  It also says God can be glorified.  In John 9:1-3, the man born blind, they wanted to know who sinned; Jesus said, “It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was so that the works of God might be displayed in him.”  We are to take this sickness and do the works of God to bring others to the throne of Jesus Christ.  Some do, some don’t.


            I see so many people here that continue to smoke and say they are saved and they may be.  Their body is covered with diseases and illnesses.  It takes them five to ten minutes just to tell me what is wrong with them.  As soon as I leave them in the car, they light up a cigarette - why they can’t quit, I don’t know.  I pray for them and they immediately light up that cigarette.  Smoking has to be a strong addictive drug; and it’s legal.  Figure that one out.


            Another person I remembered tonight was a young man maybe in his thirties that had a drinking problem to say the least, he was an alcoholic.  I could tell as we took his groceries out that he was high on alcohol, drunk to put it mildly.  But he was well mannered and didn’t say anything out of the way.  After putting his groceries in his parent’s car, he told me that he had no diver’s license since it had been taken away from him.  After asking him for a prayer request, he admitted he was an alcoholic and had to drink every day.  I prayed for him and ask God to get a hold of his life and for him to seek repentance from Jesus Christ.  I knew only through Jesus Christ would he be able to overcome his addition to alcohol.


            There were many people that I prayed for tonight that had various medical problems.


Praise the Lord,

                                                                                    Dewey Fox




October 18, 2005.           The Outreach Center


            It’s been a warm day but starting to cool off as the sun goes down.  I handed out 35 scripture cards tonight.  I gave out one to each person we took out and prayed for.  We met many needs tonight for food and prayed for many requests.


            Tonight I was working with Mark.  We carried out groceries for a mother and daughter.  The daughter said her mother was hard of hearing and previously had six strokes.  She was also hard to understand due to not having a bone above her upper teeth.  But she did say that when her mother accepted Jesus and repented that her sinners’ prayer was clear. The daughter has overcome one heart attack and two strokes with God’s help.  I prayed for both of them.


            Another lady came tonight to the center.  She was probably 60 plus in age.  She had a very quiet way about her, but was very humble.  She wanted me to pray for her health ailments and condition.  I prayed for her and her friend.  After praying I told her I needed to anoint her with oil.  The oil I used came out of the holy land where Jesus once walked.  Not that it made any difference.  Jesus is the healing power, not me or the oil.  I took the oil and anointed her on her forehead and prayed for her again.  Last night I laid out the anointing oil and took it with me tonight sensing someone needed anointed with the oil.



                                                                Praise the name of Jesus,

                                                                            Dewey Fox




October 25, 2005.                The Outreach Center


This afternoon and tonight is cold!  The wind is blowing probably 20 – 30 MPH and the wind chill is below 30, I’m sure.  I didn’t bring enough clothes.  I noticed that most everyone has speeded up their steps, I know I have.


At food give out time, which is about 6:00 – 6:15 p.m., we didn’t have as many leaders and runners as we usually have but there were lots of people there to get their groceries.  Maybe it was the weather, but we were short on volunteers.  Being so cold I don’t think I talked to people as long as I generally do.  It was cold and I think they were ready to go home after the cold walk to the car.


I gave out 25 scripture cards to the people I prayed for.  Overall it was a good night for praying for others and volunteering my services for the Lord.


One lady that I helped out to the car was walking with a metal cane and moved along at a crawl. Her legs (knees) were bad and her eyesight was not very good.  Someone had driven her to the center but that person had the keys and was somewhere inside, she thought.  I think I finally located her car, but she was not able to make it to the car and verify that it was the right vehicle.  She had to sit down in another car that a young lady was so kind to let her sit in until her driver came by.  I didn’t want to leave her, but I had to get back in the line for helping others.  I noticed later that she was gone, so I guess her driver finally came by.


Most people were receptive with me praying for them, some were not.  Most had a prayer request for others, health, sickness, finances, jobs, and several “if saved” asked for prayer for family that was unsaved.


Every time I start feeling sorry for myself I just go by the food night and start talking to others about their needs.  My problems and situations just fade away.  I have no problem compared to most of these people getting their groceries each Tuesday.


Praise the Lord for His wonderful glory and kindness.  He will never leave you or forsake you.  God said in Joshua 1:5 “I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you.”


It all worked out in His timing and purpose.







November 1, 2005.               The Outreach Center


I gave out 29 of my 35 scripture cards tonight to the people that I prayed for after helping them with their groceries. All except for one or two had a prayer request and most were appreciative of me asking to pray for them and their loved ones.


One young man had a prayer request for his friend that was on drugs.  He was very concerned about him.  I prayed for the young man with the drug addiction as well as the young man that was getting his groceries.


I was running the food basket by myself tonight, no helper.  However, it worked out just as well.  It seems like I move a little faster.  I never had so many to shake hands or hug me tonight.  It was like they were searching for and needing a friend.


Another young man said he was not saved but would not let Jesus come into his heart.  He said he was trying to figure it out.  I prayed for him that his heart would change.


It was busy tonight and a great night for prayer.



 Praise to Jesus




P.S.  These people need a lot of help from God, as we all do!




November 08, 2005.             The Outreach Center


It started out today and tonight being a beautiful warm day in the 70’s.  I arrived at the Outreach Center about 5:15 – had been in school earlier.  As we were getting ready to take out the groceries, a lady called us over to pray for her knee which she said had some pain.  You could tell she was in pain.  So Don, myself and a few others circled around her while Don prayed.


We were then ready to start taking food out for the people that were there to pick up their food package.  One thing was funny.  About the second or third couple I helped with the groceries was going down the parking lot to their car.  The lady walked up to the car and took her key and opened the trunk.  Then she discovered that this was not her car but that she had opened the trunk with her own key.  She closed it and we quickly moved on to her car.  We all laughed, especially me.


Another lady had severe stomach pains and it was hard for her to walk. She said she had been having stomach pains for several weeks and they were getting worse.  She didn’t have any money or insurance to go to the doctor, but if they didn’t let up (pain) then she may have to go to the emergency room.  We loaded the groceries in the car.  Then we joined hands and anointed her with oil and prayed for her pain to subside.   


I discussed with this lady that I helped with the groceries about her relationship with the Lord.  She said she had been saved but had allowed sin back into her life. I told her she needed to get right with God again - to get on her knees tonight and repent of her sins.  Jesus can do a lot more for her when she is in the perfect will of God. She seemed relieved after the prayer, hugged me and we continued to the next folks.


There were many needs tonight, health, financial issues, as well as the jobless. Naaham started helping me about half way during the night.  Otherwise earlier in the night, I was helping deliver the groceries by myself.  I gave out all my scripture cards that I had brought tonight, 35.


                                  Praise the mighty name of Jesus           

                                                                                                                                            Dewey Fox



November 15, 2005.             The Outreach Center          


First of all, I forgot my scripture cards that I hand out each night for people I pray with.  I figured I prayed with the regular 30-35 people.  It seemed to be a large crowd tonight.  One girl couldn’t speak English. I prayed with her and did the best I could.  She was very understanding and caught a few words I said.  Also took out several first timers, people that had not been there before.  I explained the programs to them and prayed and most was very appreciative.


I noticed several people that seemed to be sick tonight and others with some type of sickness each week.  You pray for them, but God does not miraculously heal them.  I’m sure He has a purpose for these people that have chronic sickness each week.  It’s one of the mysteries of God.  I think Jesus said somewhere in the New Testament that when asked about the man that was born with a health situation, who sinned to cause that sickness?  Jesus answered, “No one has sinned, it’s so our Father can be glorified.”   I hope these sick people can see God in their lives.  Glorifying God with their illness they can be blessings to others.


Tonight very few of the people that I took groceries out for was in good health.  It was more of an exception to be in good health.


Praise God for His mighty works.

Dewey Fox




December 13, 2005.    The Outreach Center


It was a cold night, temperature around 30-35 degrees.  I did bring my toboggan, heavy coat, and gloves.  I’m cold natured anyway.  Tonight I gave out about 28 scripture cards that I had prepared.  There were many needs tonight – sickness, health, financial, unsaved friends and family. I remember one gentleman we walked out.   He was burdened about his family.  He said he was saved, but his wife, two daughters and son were not.  We prayed for him and also them.


There was a lady here for the first time tonight.  She had children, didn’t work, and her husband had just been fired from his job because he came in with a broken finger.  They have no income.  We prayed for them and their particular situations. Since they were new, I asked if they had any questions about the services offered at the Outreach Center and of course if any about the Lord.


One of the most touching illness was a gentleman that was 58 years old.  The wife came in to get the groceries.  As we walked out to the pickup, she was telling me the story of how her husband was well on one day and the next day he had a stroke which blinded him.  He could see nothing except that he could tell the difference between night and day.  The stroke had damaged something in his brain that would not tell his eyes to see (the simple version).  The wife had to quit work to take care of him.  I prayed for them both during these trying times.  I thought of Saul while on the road to Damascus, when the Lord struck him.  He fell to the ground and was blinded.  What a time that was in the conversion of Saul to Paul.  After his conversion to Christ, he followed Jesus the rest of his life. I also thought about the blind man that Jesus healed at Bethsaida, how his life had changed in a short encounter with Jesus.  The scripture says in Mark 8:28; “then again he laid his hands on his eyes; and he looked intently and was restored, and began to see everything clearly.”  As I laid my hand on this gentleman, I knew I had no power in the hand, but that the power only comes from Jesus Christ.  I wondered if this seeing miracle could happen to this gentleman.  Someone may lay on hands and the miracle and power of God would instantly restore his sight.  I know there is no limitation to God.  But why he heals some and not others, I don’t know.  I only know that he is God and He is sovereign.  I will abide to His decisions.


I took groceries out for another young man that had some problems in his life.  One of his prayer requests was for his son’s mother who was on drugs and now in prison.  I believe he said he had been to prison three times but he was now getting his life straightened out.  He was very open about the Gospel and was looking for a church.  I told him about Christian Outreach.  Apparently he had some problem in the past at a church where they stereo-typed him.  He said that he doesn’t seem to fit in.  I pray that he continues his path to recovery and Jesus Christ.


Praise the Lord for His mighty Blessings that flow                                                              Dewey Fox




December 20, 2005.              The Outreach Center


First of all, it was cold tonight, but it felt good to breathe the fresh air.  I gave out 31 of my scripture cards to people that I prayed with tonight.  I give out one card per person and that way I know how many I pray with.  Tonight there were many people there to get groceries.  It was about 8:30 when we finished, it’s usually around 8:00 p.m.


I took the groceries out for the same young gentleman that I wrote about last week.  He had been to prison and the mother of his baby was in prison.  He was very receptive to prayer and said he was trying to live on the “straight and narrow.” I could see and he knows that he still has some issues, but he is trying to work through them.  The young man said he had been saved, but had backslidden during his life.  I prayed with him and advised him to keep the narrow way and to find a good church home.


I prayed for many people tonight including some older people with a lot of health problems.  Some had high blood pressure, broken bones, diabetes, heart problems, trouble walking, and other physical debilitations.  For example, one lady had a bad back, high blood pressure, and was a diabetic.


I had one group of ladies who didn’t want any prayer.  They were Muslins.  I talked to one of the ladies about the Moslem faith.  They believe a little different from what the Bible teaches.  They believe that God is the Savior and that Jesus was a prophet, not the Savior of the world.  Also they believe that Mohammad was the last prophet.  I think Mohammad lived and wrote the Torah around 600 A.D., that was 600 years after Christ.  The ladies completely cover themselves except for the face.  They believe the hair should be covered on the ladies. The one lady also mentioned that they do not eat pork -- hallelujah I don’t either.  We discussed the clean and unclean meats in the Old Testament.  Anyway, it was interesting to get their beliefs as we discussed Muslin and Christianity.  One thing I didn’t know was that the baby’s head is shaved at seven days old to purify and clean them up into the Moslem faith.


Praise the Lord for our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ that we have who came and died on the tree for our forgiveness of sins so that we can be cleansed into eternal life.

                                                                           His Bond-Servant

                                                                                     Dewey Fox



And this is the word which was preached to you. [NAS]