Mountain  to Sea Trail
 in North Carolina


"Mountain to Sea Trail"

is from the North Carolina state line to the Atlantic Ocean

North Carolina's Mountain to Sea Trail (MST) starts at Clingmans Dome which is on the North Carolina - Tennessee border
in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and continues through thirty-seven counties to the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean
in the sand tops of Jockey's Ridge. The distance along the current route is 938 miles and if using alternate routes it is closer
to 981 miles. Anyway with the side trips that you may hike the total mileage would be over 1,000 miles. Most of the pictures
on this website were taken on day hikes in and around the Burke County area. I hope to hike some other parts of the trail;
pictures and information will be available as I hike each section. I hope one of these days hike the entire MST in one big
long hike. When I do this, I plan to hike from west to east and probably start in last September. I'm preparing now with
equipment and exercise. I even purchased me a bike that I can ride to built up my legs. Hopefully my body will hold out
for the hike.

The Mountain to Sea Trail in North Carolina has a website, sponsored by the Friends of the Mountains
to Sea Trail. Check it out; it has the most current information and people that are or have hiked the trail. Fine group of
hard working people.

The most detailed book on the the Mountain to Sea Trail (MST) is by Allen De Hart,
Hiking North Carolina's Mountains-To-Sea Trail. I would suggest you get a copy if you are thinking of hiking any of the trail.
There is another book written about the MST, by Donald E. Dossey and John I. Hillyer titled;
The Mountains-To-Sea Trail: Western North Carolina's Majestic Rival to the Appalachian Trail.   

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NOTE: The pages below may load a little slow since there are many pictures.

The areas below are in order from Western North Carolina to East.

Clingmans Dome, North Carolina and Tennessee State Line

Buck Creek West

Buck Creek East

Woodlawn Area in McDowell County

Steele Creek Area in Burke County

Table Rock Area in Burke County


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