Forest City to Hickory
CNC 2005

Mileage - 59.07
Ride Time - 5 hours 1 minute
Average Speed - 11.88
Maximum Speed - 38.6
Accumulative Miles - 122.91
Accumulative Ride Time - 9 Hours 40 Minutes

Maximum Heart Beat - 117

"Made it to Hickory, all in one piece"

"The Hills"

I awoke this morning early knowing that there would be many hills today.
The group would be going through my county of Burke which is where I live. I reside in the
city of Morganton. Which ended up about 15 miles from the route for today. I was not
aware of the route until before. But I had been riding this area around South Mountains
State Park during my training.

The first hill was out of Dunbar Elementary School, pretty good hill for that early in the
morning. As we rode through Forest City on our way out of town, here comes a cyclist
with his radio playing loudly from his bike. This was the first bike I have ever seen that
had a radio. Every man or woman to his own, I guess. But there were all kinds of bikes on
this trip. Some I had never seen before.

Everything was going well, I was riding with a large group of riders and we were all making
good pace. Then I heard something fall from my bike, then something else fall. I pulled to the
side of the road into a private drive to investigate what had happened. I found that my right
pedal had fallen apart and was somewhere on the pavement. I went back a few feet and after
several searches I found all the pieces of the pedal except for one screw. (The Lord smiled
on me) It had two. But, luckily I had found enough parts to put the pedal back together. So I
was back on the road and on my way to Hickory, but with a very uneasy feeling about
the pedal not having all the screws in it. Lesson learned, be sure to have a small tool kit with you.

At the next rest stop I inquired at the REI tent to see if they had a screw to fit the pedal. They
searched the supply box but could not find a screw to fit. They said that they may have
one in camp. To check with them then. I tightened the one screw several times during
the day. Just as a safety precaution that the pedal would not come apart again. I knew if I
lost the pedal again that my biking for the day would be over.

I learned a lesson here; that every aspect of the bike should be checked and double
checked over before a long ride like this one. It may determine whether or not you finish
the ride.

About half-way through the ride we started having a strong headwind. Even on level ground
I had to put forth some effort to continue at a good pace. We had the headwinds all the
way to Hickory, as well as the many hills.

When getting to camp in Hickory everyone was talking about the wind and the hills. I think
they all agreed that this was the toughest ride day of the week, and I agreed. Glad the hills came
early in the ride. I may have had a problem if they would have came later in the week.

As we got to the Hickory campground it was hot and sunny. I picked out a good location
and set up my tent and waiting for a well deserved night's sleep.

The Subway had set up a booth to sell their sandwiches. I ate one sandwich when arriving
in Hickory and than another before dark. That was my dinner and I was hungry from burning
all those calories.

After all these Subways I settled in for the night. Hoping tomorrow would be a little easier day.


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