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CNC 2005
Overview of the trip from my perspective.

This was the first CNC Ride (Cycle North Carolina) I had ever been on, it's certainly a learning experience. I understand
that this was the seventh yearly ride. And I met riders that had been on all seven. I also found several first
timers as myself.

I understand and I could be a little off that:


I found the ride to be very well organized. My hat goes off to the crew that put this ride together. We had a sheet
with all the roads and turns on them. A good road map. All the route was well marked with signs and
directions painted on the pavement. I didn't use my road sheet. I only went by the road markings. They were
certainly sufficient. The mass planning of moving all the rest stops, port-a-toilets, luggage, etc. is a job
in and of itself. And to move these items for over 1000 riders makes it a monumental task.

It seemed like when we moved into town, we took over. There were nothing but the bikers. All the towns
went out of their way to accommodate us.

My overview of statistics are charted below.

Overall it was a great trip.

                                                                                                                            Dewey E. Fox, Age 63

Overview of Statistics


Day One

Day Two

Day  Three Day Four Day Five Day Six

Day Seven



59.07 78.29 49.89 82.14 73.28 67.04
Ride Time

4 hours 39 min

5 hours 1 min 5 hours 39 min 3 hours 45 min 6 hours 12 min 5 hours 22 min 4 hours 13 min
Average Speed 13.84 11.88 14 13.40 13.22 13.70 16.04
Max Speed 40.2 38.6 34 36.50 33.6 20.8 27.7
Accumulative Miles 63.84 122.91 201.10 250.99 331.13 404.41 471.45
Max Heart Beat 127 117 118 115 114 104 121
Accum RideTime 4 hrs 39 min 9 hrs 40 min 15 hrs 19 min 19 hrs 4 min 25 hrs 16 min 30 hrs 38 min 34 hrs 51 min



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