CNC 2008

Day Four

Concord to Wingate University

October 01, 2008



Mileage - 63.56
Ride Time - 4 hours and 39  minutes
Average Speed - 13.7 mph
Maximum Speed - 33.9 mph
Accumulative Miles - 233
Accumulative Ride time - 17 hours and 15 minutes
Maximum Heart Beat - 113
Resting Heart Beat - 43-45

Started 7:30 A.M. and finished 1:00 P.M.

           Busy time at Wingate University

"Heading for the Flatlands"

      It started out as a cool morning at Lowe's Motor Speedway with the tint of the rising sun over the grand stands. I rode into today's ride about 7:30 A.M. The weather was perfect for an early morning ride. It took us about 20 or 30 minutes to get out of town, due to the heavy traffic around the speedway. There were many flat tires for the riders along the way, probably from road debris around the speedway.

           The terrain was a little more hilly than I expected. There were several hills with some moderate climbing - for me anyway.

           I arrived at Wingate University about 1:00 P.M. and they had a team of girls carrying our bags to the tent site for us. I thought it was a nice gesture on their part. I quickly set-up my tent and hit the showers and back to the tent for an afternoon rest period. After that I looked for something to eat. At the concession they only had pizza, so I settled for a slice of pizza and a bottle of water.

            About 4:30, I caught the shuttle into the town of Monroe to get something to eat. I had a tuna-melt with a bowl of potato soup at a small corner restaurant in town. Caught the shuttle back to the camp grounds and looking forward to a good night's rest and the 70 or so miles into Laurel Hill tomorrow.


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