CNC 2008

Day Five

Wingate University to Laurel Hill

October 02, 2008



Mileage - 73.96
Ride Time - 5 hours and 27 minutes
Average Speed - 13.6 mph
Maximum Speed - 36
Accumulative Miles - 307
Accumulative Ride time - 22 hours and 42 minutes
Maximum Heart Beat - 113
Resting Heart Beat - 43-45

Started 7:24 A.M. and finished 2:20 P.M.

       Bicyclist gather at bike crash site

"Flatter Ground - Surprised"

       I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. The temperature dropped into the forties and it was chilly, that sleeping sure did feel good. I was dreaming of someone building a camp fire, but no such luck. Put on an extra layer of clothes and started out about 7:30 this morning. I noticed other bikers were leaving camp before daylight, they must get up about four or five o-clock. I don't know how they see the markers on the road.

       I didn't sleep very soundly since all night long trains next to the campsite ran all night and would sound their horn as they approached the area. I'm sure I was not the only one that was kept awake by the trains.

        Today was a day of surprises concerning the roads. I was looking for flatter terrain , but we must have found every hill in Central North Carolina. Right at 74 miles to get to Laurel Hill from Wingate University, five and 1/2 hours ride time. The mileage and hills starting to wear me down, but only two days to go. My legs were heavy on the pedals today.

        Rode into Laurel Hill Recreation Center, got my bags, set-up tent and took a shower in the rubber-ducky. Caught the shuttle to  fish house for some good plate of salmon. By dark I was in my tent, house away from home, resting and getting ready for the next day's ride into White Lake, about 80 miles.


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