CNC 2008

Day Six

Laurel Hill to White Lake

October 03, 2008



Mileage - 79.07
Ride Time - 5 hours 25 minutes
Average Speed - 14.6 mph
Maximum Speed - 20 mph
Accumulative Miles - 386
Accumulative Ride time - 28 hours and 07 minutes
Maximum Heart Beat - 108
Resting heart Beat - 43-45

Started 7:30 and finished 2:30 P.M.

         Canoeing in White Lake


"Looking for Flatter Ground"

       Flatter roads we found today, except for one hill coming out of Dublin, N. C. It was cool in the the morning, but turned out to be a beautiful warm day. I thought the night before in Wingate had a lot of trains and whistles, but I believe Laurel Hill has more trains, loud whistles and bells and beats out Wingate. Apparently they have a lot of transportation by train in this area. I was beginning to think that I should call this CNC trip, "The Great Train Bicycle Ride." But, tonight in White Lake it was a lot quieter, Thank God.

        I left camp this morning about 7:20, after waking up about 5:00 A.M. I dropped in behind a group of guys, but after a while I had to drop back, couldn't keep up.

        Coming out of Lumberton there was a bicycle accident involving 3 riders. Thank God no vehicles. Apparently, some way the three bicyclist got tangled up and crashed. When I got to the accident scene there were about 50 bicyclist that stopped and would not pass the accident location until everything was cleared, for respect of the three that crashed.
Said a prayer for them as I approached. They are taken to the hospital but none were hurt seriously. Good reason not to ride in a close group. Most crashes are caused by wheel to wheel contact.

         Rolled into White Lake camp site about 2:30 P.M. and set-up tent, showered and ate at the camp ground since I didn't take time to go out. This was a nice place to camp and the town went out of its way to make it enjoyable.

         Started getting dark and time for me to get to bed and prepare for the last and 7th day of the ride, into Oak Island, about 75 miles. I was getting excited about finishing the ride.

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