Mebane to Louisburg

Day Four
October 03, 2007
CNC 2007


Mileage - 68.68
Ride Time - 4 Hours 53 Minutes
Average Speed - 14.00
Maximum Speed - 36.40
Accumulative Miles - 249.45
Accumulative Ride time - 18 Hours 24 Minutes
Maximum Heart Beat - 116

Town of Oak Ridge

"Stages of the 1996 Tour DuPont"

                Again I woke up this morning to a heavy dew, but a lot warmer. This was a big change in the weather from where
we wake-up in West Jefferson with ice on the tents. Each night as we get closer to the coast the weather is constantly
getting warmer and I like it. We are now in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, sometimes referred to as the
sand hills or flatlands.

                I packed up my tent and gear, loaded it on the transport truck and left tent city about 7:50 A.M. This is the earliest
time that I have left in the mornings. The weather was cool which is a good time to ride. Today the weather was foggy and
misting rain in the morning, but by lunch, about 12 noon the sun popped out and it was hot. I'm guessing low eighties.

                I stopped at the first rest stop which was about 12 miles out, at the Orange County Visitor's Center. The terrain was a
little flatter with some minor hills and a few uphill climbs, but nothing major as the first two days. I noticed the rivers and
lakes as we passed them or went over the bridges how low the water lever was from the current drought we are having
here in North Carolina and most of the southeast. Some lakes were so low that the boat docks were unusable since the
water levels extending beyond the docks.

                I arrived at Louisburg College in Louisburg about 1:30 P.M. It had been a very pleasure ride. Some of the towns
we biked in were Hillsborough, Butler, and a few other small towns that I don't recall. What was so good about this ride (as
well as most of them) is that the route takes you on the back roads and through small old historic towns that have a lot
of North Carolina history.

                I started out riding at 7:50 A.M. this morning, arrived at the destination at 1:30 P.M. tired but day by day
fulfilling the accomplishment of riding North Carolina in seven days. Each day is a closer reality of that goal.


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