Pre-Pre Race CNC 2007
How did I train to prepare myself to be there....?


Pre Note on Health Conditions -

In mid June of 2007 before and while I was thinking if maybe I would ride CNC 2007, I was
riding a few miles every few days. I had been riding most of summer. But in June I came
down with the E-Coli Bacteria in my urine and blood stream. The doctor advised me that if I
had not received medical treatment I was probably two days from too far gone. That means I may
have died. Where I got it I have no idea, but apparently I ate some apple or sometime that was
not washed or cleaned of the bacteria. I usually try to wash my vegetables and hands many times
during the day. I'm a vegetarian, but I do eat a little fish for the Omega 3s, but not fried.

I was so sick I could barely walk from one end of the house to the other.
I was in bed over a week and it was several more weeks before I got back on the bike.
I might also say; "On a very limited basic."

So I made the decision to ride the CNC 2007 late July, wondering if I would be able to ride myself
back into shape. I usually like to have about three months to train for the ride. But due to my
sickness I had only seven weeks to train. The results of each day's ride is below.

I thank God (Elohim) that I reached a doctor in time.

Hope this will help you out and good safe riding to you.

Dewey E. Fox


        2004 Fuji Newest




August 12

14 4 11 15 10 0 Rest Day 54 9
August 19 20 14 0 21 14 12 Rest Day 81 13
August 26 21 19 21 14 20 0 Rest Day 95 16
September 2 0 0 33 15 25 38 Rest Day 111 18
September 9 19 20 0 0 14 0 Rest Day 53 9
September 16 20 21 0 35 0 40 Rest Day 116 19
September 23 44 5 23 36 20 16 Rest Day 144 24
Totals 138 83 88 136 103 106 Rest Day 654 14 Average

                                                                                    1 Based on six days, even though some days I didn't ride, but should have. Notice one day of rest each day.

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