Greensboro to Mebane

Day Three
October 02, 2007
CNC 2007

Mileage - 50.21
Ride Time - 3 Hours 45 Minutes
Average Speed - 13.30
Maximum Speed - 27.60
Accumulative Miles - 180.67
Accumulative Ride time - 13 Hours 31 Minutes
Maximum Heart Beat - 116

Rest Stop somewhere in the Flatlands

"Flattening Out"

                I rode out of Bur-Mil Park in Greensboro under a moderate fog and damp conditions. We rode out as we came in on the
2 1/2 miles on the Lake Brandt Greenway Trail. The dew and moisture was so wet that it got on my glasses, so it was very
hard to see where I was going. For those who don't wear glasses, it's like driving a car in the rain without any windshield wipers.

                The first rest stop was 23 miles out, somewhat of a long distance for a rest stop, but it was tied in with the riders
that wanted to have the choice to ride the 50 or 100 mile route. Also the stop was at the Grove Vineyards where many had the
pleasure of wine sampling and having a glass of wine. I turned to the left coming out of the winery, taking the 50 miles route. 
The weather was still damp, but the moisture on my glasses was starting to clear up.

                The next rest stop was 15 miles away and the terrain was smaller rolling hills, especially compared to the first two days.
I arrived at the rest stop with the pleasure of riding downhill and by many houses that were being historically restored.
Glencoe Village was an old mill town that had a textile mill as maybe the only employment. There is probably about a dozen or so
old mill houses being restored as well as the mill itself to the old mill days. Not sure of what year that would be.

                In case someone is not familiar with the old mill town, especially in North and South Carolina where there are many.
The textile business usually had a family that owned the textile company. The textile owner would build houses for it's employees.
In most cases, the owner would rent the house to the employee. They would walk to work and generation after generation would
work in the textile plant. There is a Glencoe Mill Village Museum you can visit at the historic town.  It is located at
(N36 08.341 W79 25.666) Is that impressive or what? They had it on the queue sheet.

                As I was leaving Glencoe Village I had a flat on the back of my bike. I can't explain it, but I just had that feeling that
a tire would be going flat and it did. It was kindly like a sixth-sense. As my luck would have it, there was no repair tent on the
premises. They were at the other rest stops. So I had to change the tire myself. I put in a new tube and cycled out of the village.

                After many turns we arrived at our destination, Mebane Arts Community Center. Even though I left earlier than
the morning before, I was later getting to camp due to the flat at Glencoe Mill Village.

                But praise the Lord, I made it!

                Started out this morning at 7:50 A.M. and arrived at 12:30 P.M. What a joyful day.


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